Nuclear and Atomic Physics for the IB or A-Level

Develop an understanding of the atom and explore the structure of matter and nuclear reactions.

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Simeon H

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Nuclear and Atomic Physics for the IB or A-Level


Course Overview

This course covers most of the atomic and particle content of A-Level and IB physics, but excludes any quantum-related topics. Students will learn how everything we feel and see around us behaves on the smallest possible scale and about the fundamental forces and particles that govern the laws of our universe. The standard model, which is one of the most important scientific discoveries and at the heart of particle physics, will be covered in some depth and students will be able to classify all elementary particles. The course starts by constructing an atom and then slowly dives into the structure of matter and nuclear reactions. Students will learn about the evolution of the atom and how far we have come in understanding matter on a very small scale. Some topics, such as nuclear decay, expect some knowledge of exponential functions, which will be covered briefly, so that students without a strong mathematical background are not at a disadvantage.

Course Content


12 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

How We Think an Atom Looks Like

60 minutes

Lesson 3

Nuclear Stability and the Most Important Graph in Nuclear Physics

60 minutes

Lesson 4

Emissions and Absorptions

60 minutes

Lesson 5

Fundamental Forces

60 minutes

Lesson 6

Radioactivity (Part I)

60 minutes

Lesson 7

Radioactivity (Part II)

60 minutes

Lesson 8

How to Calculate Half-Life

60 minutes

Lesson 9

The Standard Model and Its History

60 minutes

Lesson 10

Nuclear Reactions

60 minutes

Lesson 11

Fusion and Fission

60 minutes

Lesson 12

A Deep Insight Into the Structure of Matter

60 minutes

Lesson 13

Feynman Diagrams

60 minutes

Key Skills

The Structure of Matter





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