How to Create and Market a Brand

This course is for those looking to create and build a brand. The programme focuses on how to develop the brand and market it successfully, standing out from the competition.

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How to Create and Market a Brand


Course Overview

As Jeff Bezos says, 'Branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room'. This course is for those seeking to create and build a brand. The course focuses on developing the brand and marketing it successfully, helping it stand out from the competition. It will focus on branding strategy and personal branding strategy. This course is ideal for students looking to start up a business and need assistance with the creation and marketing side - online and offline. This course also looks into building a brand, creating an impression, online/offline PR and marketing resources that can help create a brand identity and ways to find collaborators.

Course Content


8 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

Branding: Defining Your USP, Target Audience and Brand Values

60 minutes

Lesson 2

Defining and Creating Personal Brand

60 minutes

Lesson 3

Creating Brand Guidelines and Social Media Guidelines

60 minutes

Lesson 4

Creating a Brand's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

60 minutes

Lesson 5

Social Media Content Creation

60 minutes

Lesson 6

Online vs. Offline Advertising

60 minutes

Lesson 7

Influencer Marketing and Collaborations

60 minutes

Lesson 8

Pitching a Company: Investment Deck

60 minutes

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