Breathing Techniques for Beginners

Learning to breath effectively is an important part of managing stress, coping with anxiety and generally feeling great. Take this course for tips on practical activities and soothing exercises.

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Phoebe N


3.75 HOURS


Breathing Techniques for Beginners


Course Overview

This course is an introduction to Pranayama yogic breathing techniques. There are many different techniques which you can use in everyday life and this course will guide you carefully through ways to wake you up, whether that be via your mind, your digestive system or your physical body. It will also cover ways to calm you down; techniques to help better your sleep, to unwind from a hard day, to reduce anxiety before exams, and balance you out if you are feeling agitated, distracted or unbalanced hormonally. In the last lesson, students will be taken through a guided Yoga Nidra session, where we find the middle ground between sleep and consciousness. This has been proven to build awareness and reduce stress. 

Course Content


3.75 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

Where is My Breath?

45 minutes

Lesson 2

Techniques To Wake Me Up

45 minutes

Lesson 3

Techniques To Calm Me Down

45 minutes

Lesson 4

Techniques To Balance Me Out

45 minutes

Lesson 5

Introduction To Yoga Nidra: Yogic Sleep

45 minutes

Key Skills


Breathing Techniques




Phoebe N

Yoga and Meditation Educator

Phoebe gained her qualification in Rishikesh. The philosophy and purpose of Yoga will be at the forefront and she will guide students within the lessons and beyond.