Introduction to Corporate Law

This course shows students what's behind a legal career, walking them through all facets of corporate law firms including how they work and their place in the current business ecosystem.

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Introduction to Corporate Law


Course Overview

Are you hoping to pursue a career in the legal industry? Do you work closely with corporate firms in your day-to-day business? This course is aimed at all those seeking a solid understanding of how corporate law firms work, and how they fit within the wider ecosystem of business, finance and professional services. The course focuses on the City of London, but many of its observations will apply across an increasingly globalised business landscape. On this course, we'll cover a range of topics from transactions and disputes, to what a job in corporate law is really like and the future of the industry.

Course Content


2 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

Seeing Patterns: Structure and Forms

60 minutes

Lesson 2

Meaningful Connections: Linking Narrative and Form

60 minutes

Key Skills

Legal Understanding

Business Skills

Knowledge of Career Avenues


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