How to Read a Poem

Reading a poem is much like deciphering any code and this course shows students precisely how to crack it. Begin this course and learn how to read poetry better and digest material across a number of different genres.

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How to Read a Poem


Course Overview

Are you baffled by poetry? Or does it fascinate and frustrate you in equal measure? This course caters to the needs of anyone looking to learn the building blocks of poetry analysis. Whether students are reading poetry at school or university or are choosing to do so as an adult learner, on this course, students will be introduced to the basic features of poetry, which will provide a good foundation of knowledge to help sidestep confusion when approaching poetry. Students will also learn to understand and be moved by the rich meanings that poems carry. The course covers narrative techniques such as rhythm and metre, rhyme and repetition, structure and forms while teaching how to put all these new skills together to form a unique and well thought-out interpretive response.

Course Content


6 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

What is a Poem?: The Essentials

60 minutes

Lesson 2

What's Happening?: Poetic Narratives

60 minutes

Lesson 3

Feeling Beats: Rhythm and Metre

60 minutes

Lesson 4

Hearing Echoes: Rhyme and Repetition

60 minutes

Lesson 5

Seeing Patterns: Structure and Forms

60 minutes

Lesson 6

Meaningful Connections: Linking Narrative and Form

60 minutes

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