Myths and Legends

An introduction to some of history's key myths and legends, developing writing and analytical skills along the way.

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Myths and Legends


Course Overview

This course will look into some of the most famous myths and legends, not only to get to know the stories but also to understand the modern-day implications and messages. Students will develop useful analytical skills and get an introduction into short essay-writing that is appropriate for their age with very basic ideas of how to formulate arguments and compare texts. Students will be encouraged to develop their analytical and inference skills by looking at a range of sources and modern-day texts exploring these stories. All of this, while learning about some amazing characters and inspiring stories! The programme will also conclude with a consideration of myths and legends that still exist today.

Course Content


5 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

What Are Myths and Legends?

60 minutes

Lesson 2

The Role of the Gods: An Early Look At How we Make Comparisons and Examine Differences Between Myths from Different Countries

60 minutes

Lesson 3

Easy Essays: Formulating Arguments and Reaching Conclusions

60 minutes

Lesson 4

Warriors: Do They Deserve 'Legendary' Status?

60 minutes

Lesson 5

Are There Any Modern-Day Myths or Legends?

60 minutes

Key Skills

Analysis of Text

Essay Writing



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