Singing Essentials

A complete guide on singing and how to take control of an all-important asset: the voice. This course covers everything from mindful breathing to alignment techniques. Students are encouraged throughout to engage with practical exercises.

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Ileana d

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Singing Essentials


Course Overview

Singing is an amusing, exciting and stress-relieving activity. This practical course is designed to give students a strong foundation in those aspects of vocal technique that allow for healthy singing and powerful performances. More specifically, this course covers mindful breathing, body balance, alignment techniques, effective warm-up practices, hints, tips for better articulation and diction, resonance and range-expanding strategies for a rounded and beautiful tone. All techniques will be applied through exercises and songs. Suitable for all levels and styles, these lessons will benefit beginners, more experienced singers, and anyone who wants to hone their singing craft. 

Course Content


6 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

Singing as a Holistic Activity: Finding the Keys to Effective Practice

45 minutes

Lesson 2

Dynamic Posture: The Alignment of Head, Neck and Spine

45 minutes

Lesson 3

Mindful Breathing for Optimal Performance

45 minutes

Lesson 4

Getting Ready For Singing: The Best Warm-Ups

45 minutes

Lesson 5

Efficient Sound Production: Onsets and Vocal Folds Closure

45 minutes

Lesson 6

Resonance: Minimal Effort for Maximum Results

45 minutes

Lesson 7

Taming the Tongue and Releasing the Jaw

45 minutes

Lesson 8

Joining the Dots: The 'Connected' Singer

45 minutes

Key Skills


Enhanced Aural Skills


Motor Skills Development


Ileana d

Specialist Singing Educator

Ileana has a background as a professional singer spanning over many years. With her patient and warm nature, she has the ability to inspire learners of all ages.