Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Students learn about and discuss the main trends in digital marketing of the year in order to help develop their business and online platform.

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2022


Course Overview

If you are a business owner or aspiring influencer, there are nine digital marketing trends that you need know to speed up your business exponentially. On this course, students learn what the top trends of the year are. Students understand why digital economy is expanding outside the city, why on-demand business is on the rise and why omnichannel experience is gaining popularity. In addition, students are taught how to attract sustainable consumers and are shown how to navigate the Social Media Landscape of 1,500 brands. If you want to grow your business, this is the course for you. The sooner that you grasp the concepts of these nine digital marketing trends, the faster your business will excel!

Course Content


1.5 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

A Year in Search Trends

10 minutes

Lesson 2

Digital Economy Outside of The City

10 minutes

Lesson 3

On-Demand Business is on The Rise

10 minutes

Lesson 4

Omnichannel Experience

10 minutes

Lesson 5

Sustainable Consumers

10 minutes

Lesson 6

Social Media Landscape Summary

10 minutes

Lesson 7

Top 3 Industries with The Greatest Number of Posts

10 minutes

Lesson 8

Top 3 Industries with The Most Engagement Online

10 minutes

Lesson 9

Website Recommendations to Track Online Trends

10 minutes

Key Skills


Online Marketing

Trend Analysis

Social Media



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