professional learning


Audit and Assurance

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Financial Reporting

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Financial Management

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Education & Relevant Experience

CMR National PU College, India

A-Level (Equivalent):
  • Accountancy (80 - 90)
  • Statistics (80 - 90)
  • Economics (70 - 80)
  • Business Studies (90 - 100)
  • English (80 - 90)
  • French (90 - 100)

Kristu Jayanti College, India

  • Commerce (Merit)

Teaching Experience

When it comes to teaching or having discussions on subjects that interest me, simplifying complex information to facilitate understanding is my approach.

As an ACCA Global Rank Holder, I provide my students with top insights and practical advice on how to excel in the ACCA applied skills exams by making every class fun and exciting. My objective is to cater to each student’s needs and maximise their learning experience by tailoring each class to their strengths while directing them to achieve their full potential.

I also believe that using practical, everyday examples and focusing on the application of each topic in real life is one of the best ways to foster learning.

About Ankith M

I love talking tech and deep-diving into the world of business and finance. I am passionate about thoughtful design, video editing and photography, and have designed a couple of books, a podcast series and handled animation and cinematography for music videos. Paying careful attention to detail and efficiently managing my time is something that is important to me.

I also work as a business strategist, manage accounts and public relations, and run social media for a small business. You'll often find me shooting 3's on the basketball court or creating music - whether it's playing the guitar, the keys or singing. I can also cook a mean steak!

I have dabbled with acting, organised creative programmes for children designed to foster holistic growth and learning, and have been actively involved in various associations and communities.

I enjoy connecting with people and talking about pretty much anything. I am always excited to explore new avenues and step out of my comfort zone; whether it's travelling to new places, working in media, handling internal audits or even initiating meaningful conversations, one of my personal goals is to excel at everything I do.