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7+, 11+, 13+

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7+, 11+, GCSE, Undergraduate


11+, 13+, GCSE


7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level, Undergraduate

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Teach First

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Newcastle University

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Teaching Experience

I was a history teacher at a school for four years. My first two years were completed as part of the highly competitive Teach First Leadership Development Programme. By the time I had reached my second year, I was given 80% of the school's KS4 timetable. At the same time, I had to balance the rigours of the PGCE course at UCL IOE and the completion of my NQT portfolio. This has helped to enhance my organisational skills whilst simultaneously helping me to remain connected to the university process. Furthermore, I was appointed as Head of Department after the culmination of my third year. I have been responsible for overseeing the department's GCSE outcomes rise from 29% A*-C to 85% grades 9-4.

I have also had the pleasure of teaching Geography and English at my school in London. This has been received positively by both staff and students, with many students carrying on the subjects to both A-Level and University. Furthermore, I have also partaken in teaching students outside of the classroom. This has ranged from interview preparation to more subject-specific tuition. I believe that my time spent in a classroom environment and as Head of Department has added an important dimension to my educating. I have become innately aware of the varying needs of different students and I do not apply the same approach to any two students.

About Adrian B

Having grown up in Northern Ireland, I very much cherished the opportunity to witness history as it unfolded. The close of the troubles allowed me to be a first-hand witness to the effects of the Good Friday agreement on local people. As I grew older, I became acutely more aware of how language and geography must be understood to fully understand the implications of political decisions. I strongly believe in preparing all students in these areas so that they understand these contexts when viewing the political landscape of today.

Outside of the classroom, I have a wide range of interests. In my time at school, I regularly participated in rowing, rugby and Gaelic football. Indeed I was fortunate enough to captain my Gaelic football team to championship success, and then on to a national final. By the time I reached university, I began to focus on competitive road cycling. More specifically, ultra-endurance road cycling. This culminated in my participation in the Transcontinental Bike Race (TCR). The TCR is an epic 4000km bicycle race across Europe in which you must cross through four checkpoints and reach the finish line within 14 days. The route is entirely self-planned, and once the starting bell rings, it is entirely self-supported with no outside help. I have found this to be a real asset to my teaching. The organisational skills and adherence to extremely strict deadlines, whilst also thoroughly enjoying myself keeps me grounded in the fact that learning should always be enjoyable.