academic development


Religious Studies

KS2, KS3, GCSE, AS-Level, A-Level

English Language

KS2, KS3, GCSE, AS-Level, A-Level


KS2, KS3, GCSE, AS-Level, A-Level

Education & Relevant Experience

SOAS University of London

BA Study of Religions (2:1)

2017 - 2020

Teaching Experience

My teaching experience is scattered throughout my employment history. I started at 17, focusing on GCSE English. At 19, I focused on primary maths and English and at 21, I taught A-Level religious studies and GCSE English language at an independent college. All my students have progressed through their studies and have reached their academic goals.

About Afifa H

As a graduate of 2020, I understand how difficult it is to study sometimes. But there is always help that will be offered whenever needed. The most important thing is to ask for it. No appeal for help is overlooked. From there, any path can be created with confidence. Having worked thirteen part-time jobs (in five different fields) while studying full-time within the five years following my A-Levels; I have numerous skills which can always help me improve to be a better Educator. Being versatile means that I can hone and develop my skills within a consistent environment, particularly focusing on my passions of religious studies and English language.

When I am not working or studying, I appreciate having time to pursue my other interests. I do not often get that, so it is very precious. Activities can vary from rollerblading, yoga, writing up research. I love animals and have volunteered at Vauxhall City Farm for one year. Much focus was within the stables. When there were external events, I also volunteered to help with the handling of the farm animals and small animals. I have always thought archery was an exhilarating activity and have qualified as a level 1 archery instructor. I have an added interest in horseback riding, as I am endeavouring to one day lead in making horseback archery popular again.

When teaching, my method revolves around the student's needs. I listen to what it is they need support with; encouraging dialogue along the way, which starts a build-up process on the continuation of the student's education. This process maintains the learning by identifying the strengths and areas of improvement. My aim is to give the best possible chance and experience to students, regarding their learning. I like to think my lessons are interactively fun while inspiring an inquisitive mind. I make PowerPoints and it is my main teaching method. With games, quizzes and/or puzzles being used in revision sessions, I always empathise with students, making learning as fun as can be. The best moments are when they are working, or when they can take a well-deserved break after expressing all sorts of emotions, whether it be joy because they understood a concept or curiosity because they are still trying to figure it out. That is what makes being an Educator worthwhile. I always hope to be teaching and being a student myself; further academia is something being considered because learning happens both ways.