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Blackbird Institute, Copenhagen

Professional Experience Family Therapist and Parent Advisor


Manning & Inspire, Copenhagen & London

Professional Experience Life and Business Coach


Ten of Zen, UK

Professional Experience Mindfulness Teacher

Teaching Experience

I have been running monthly workshops for parents since 2017. Typically for groups of 12 parents. Since converting all of Parenting Success workshops to webinars due to the recent pandemic, most of my teaching has taken place online and to groups larger than 12.

I have created courses for private schools designed to foster greater self-motivation, boost self-esteem and resilience and have been delivering to up to 200 parents at each event.

I have created 6-week courses for parents of children with a new diagnosis of ASD, with organisations in London that I run four times a year. Organisations hire me to run workshops and talks for parents among their staff.

I see clients either as a couple or individually and help them with any issues they might have around family life or parenting and draw from my family therapy and coaching background.
Core focus and running theme throughout all of my classes are:

  • Self-esteem and resilience building
  • Teaching parents the skills to be more conscious in their role as a parent and seeing the parent-child relationship as a collaboration more so than a one-way relationship
  • Instead of a parent raising a child, but both raising each other.

About Louise B

Originally from Denmark, I have lived abroad for 20 years. After spending six years in Abu Dhabi and Dubai working in a multicultural culture and organisation, I came to London to pursue a degree in psychology in 2008. This is where I subsequently met my husband, moved to Surrey and started a family of my own, which now included my two children aged 5 and 8.
Since becoming a mum, I decided to specialise in the field of parenting and feel passionate about being able to help other parents feel empowered and good in their role as parents. My mission is to help parents become clearer on who they want to be as parents and what might be standing in the way of that happening.
My current courses (webinar and workshop format) include:

  • Boost your child's self-esteem (the key to raising resilient children)
  • The key to your child's ears (what makes children want to cooperate)
  • Raising siblings
  • Raising a strong-willed child (or any child who occasionally says no to you)
  • Family, work and life integration for working mums and dads
  • Raising self-motivated children: 6-week connect course (laying a strong foundation)

My own mindfulness mediation practice has inspired my work, and I am able to guide parents through simple grounding techniques that can easily be practised in their own time.
I deliver workshops on a variety of topics relevant to parents of children 0-18 years old. At the heart of my work is a core belief in the parent-child relationship needing to be one of mutual respect and connection.

I take a holistic approach to my work with parents, often incorporating mindfulness-based techniques and self-care into the work.