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Education & Relevant Experience

Kent University

BA Drama and Theatre Studies

Teaching Experience

I have been a vocal coach since 2014 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have a range of clients from corporate business professionals who wish to improve in public speaking and gain confidence, professional vocalists prepping them for auditions as well as increasing their rep and children who wish to pursue singing in a traditional grade style fashion.
I always incorporate a holistic approach and encourage that all my students transfer the skills they use within the sessions to other areas of life. I have seen my clients grow in confidence, be able to speak their truth, obtain their vocal goals and leave my lessons feeling empowered and joyful. I have moved my practice from London to Oxford, and I teach online. I believe everyone has the ability to sing and speak publically, and I feel they can with the right guidance. I am very keen to make sure my practice is based on well-being, as emotional freedom and vocal freedom are one and the same.

About Carmen R

Carmen is a passionate, energetic and dedicated performer, with a vocal talent stemming from her vibrant personality. With a desire to inspire, entertain and ignite joy in her audiences and students, Carmen specialises in singing, songwriting, performing and teaching. Trained in performing arts, she's had extensive experience on the UK music circuit, performing across many musical styles; gospel, rock, soul, blues, metal, country, classical and musical theatre. Carmen has a developed a 4-octave range which consists of a whistle register. She has over 20 years worth of performing experience.

Her repertoire includes performances at:
The BBC, The Roundhouse, The Richmix, The Royal Albert Hall, Parliament, Canterbury Cathedral, The Queen's Jubilee as well as Wembley, to name a few. She has performed internationally around Asia and Europe. Carmen has had the pleasure of performing alongside Brett Manning, Foreign Beggars, Ben Lochrie, Kele La Roc, Ed Skrein, A Noise Next Door and many more. She has gleaned from epic musicians like Stevie Vann Lange, Jenny May and Stanton Moore and has enjoyed every minute of it.

Carmen has been trained in the following disciplines: Husler, classical, opera, belt, gospel, speech level singing (SLS), CVT, method acting, musical theatre, Brecht, belly dancing, stage presence, public speaking, live performance singing and mic control, studio vocal recording, business pitching.

Carmen is enthusiastic about the success and well-being of her vocal students. She continues to learn about the voice daily and enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping people reach their goals.