professional learning


Marketing for Gen Z


Data Driven Marketing


Master of eCommerce


TikTok Marketing


Digital Marketing Trends


Education & Relevant Experience

HTW Berlin

MBA & Engineering (1st)


Chulalongkorn University

BEng Bio Nano Engineering (2.1)

Teaching Experience

I have taught many classes, for example, 'Marketing for Gen Z', 'Data Driven Marketing', 'Master of eCommerce', 'TikTok Marketing', 'Digital Marketing Trends'. I am very passionate about educating people to know more about online marketing and improve their digital skills. At the same time, I am a life-long learner who loves to see an excellent example of online marketing from other companies. The thing that I love about digital marketing is that they are measurable and creative at the same time.

About Chusin M

I am a very compassionate and results-oriented digital marketing Educator with more than three years of experience managing both face-to-face and virtual classrooms. I am an online marketing enthusiast, a goal-getter and a fast learner. An MBA graduate with managerial experience in media, Telco, start-up, online travel and ecommerce industry, I have immense experiences in three main areas: integrated marketing (SEM, SEO, Display, Email, Affiliate, content marketing, social media marketing, CRM, PR and brand marketing), business development (partnership and sales), product localisation and development.

With a global mindset, I have extensive international experiences as I have lived in Germany, Dubai, Singapore, Slovakia and Thailand. I am a native speaker in Thai, fluent in English and am good in German and Slovak. I have strong communication & analytical skills. Moreover, I have a passion for self and organisational improvement.