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7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level


7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level

English Language

GCSE, A-Level

Further Maths

GCSE, A-Level

English Literature

GCSE, A-Level


7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level

Education & Relevant Experience

University College London

MSci Physics


Westcliff High School for Girls

A-Level: English Language and Literature (A*), Mathematics (A*), Physics (A), Chemistry (A)

2016 - 2018

The James Hornsby School

GCSE: Mathematics (A*), Science (A*), Additional Science (A*), French (A*), History (A*), Performing Arts (A*), English Literature (A*), English Language (A), Textiles (A)

2011 - 2016

Teaching Experience

As part of my experience here, I have had to plan and execute tailored lessons that target specific students weaknesses and encourage sustainable growth of the subject matter, liaise with company officials to update them on client progress via regular reports and timesheets and display time-management and organisation, alongside personal discipline and responsibility when handling multiple clients alongside other commitments.

Uganda, Volunteering with Restless Development
During my 10 weeks volunteering in Uganda, I took part in planning and leading sessions on Sexual Health Rights and Responsibility and Entrepreneurship to large groups of school children, out-of-school youth and local community members, maintaining a high level of professionalism, composure and confidence. This involved me having to effectively coordinate and cooperate within a group of volunteers from varied backgrounds, dealing with new and demanding situations, with an open-minded attitude to new ideas.
Simultaneously, I needed to be sensitive towards the needs of others through a non-judgemental attitude, showing genuine interest and respect towards other people and cultures. Through frequent discussions with the Ugandan and UK volunteers, I executed a diplomatic response to cultural differences and exercised my listening and empathy skills.

Private GCSE Educator
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Language and Literature

Community, Primary and Secondary School, Basildon
Local Youth Club Leader
Residential Group Trip Leader
Group GCSE Teacher
Peer Mentor for Students with a Variety of SEN Needs
2013 - 2016

About Elena P

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and brought up here in Essex, UK. During secondary school, I culminated an interest in helping and teaching others; this led me to Inspiration Youth Call; an organisation that was founded in 2004 to support vulnerable young people from a variety of backgrounds, as well as with some SEN needs, aiming to enable individuals to develop themselves socially and educationally. In Essex, unfortunately, there is a lack of opportunity and quality education for some students coming from disadvantaged situations. I felt that I could make a difference in their lives by providing peer mentoring and teaching while simultaneously giving them a positive example. As part of my time with Inspiration Youth Call, we also ran numerous youth clubs and a residential trip to the Isle of Wight.

The main thing that stuck with me after this experience was how much I took my educational experience and the stability of my life for granted; young people's mental health and well-being combined with their inherent support can be vital in deciding the success of a student's academic career. Therefore, even though I have taken on other private and peer teaching roles since then, the most significant teaching experience for me was when I spent 10 weeks volunteering to teach school children in rural Uganda; here I was exposed to extremely eye-opening experiences, as the teaching practices and conditions were shockingly different to the mainstream classroom experience here in the UK. These experiences have inspired me to become more appreciative of my life here in the UK and become more aware of current issues threatening the Earth, such as climate change and gender inequality; I wrote two articles following this experience for UCL Pi Science Magazine - Embracing nature in Kangulumira and Plastics: good, bad, ugly?

I have always been a sports enthusiast and have been involved in various sports throughout my academic career; jujitsu, badminton, athletics, football and basketball, to name a few. My passion for sports led me to complete a Level 1 Sports Leadership qualification which involved planning and leading regular sports sessions and sports days in local primary schools. Personally, I find that sports are extremely beneficial for students mental and physical health and are an excellent accompaniment to mainstream education.

As well as sports, I am also passionate about music and languages; I have obtained a grade 7 certificate in classical piano and, alongside my bilingual knowledge of Portuguese and German, I can also speak, write, and read basic Japanese from my membership in the Japanese Society in my first two years of university. In my second year of university, I also decided to become a member of the British Sign Language Society, where I learnt the basics of sign language and the culture that surrounds it, and I plan to continue this in the future, hopefully ultimately completing a Level 1 BSL qualification in the future.