academic development



GCSE, A-Level, IB, MYP


GCSE, A-Level, IB, MYP

German as a Second Language

Beginner, Intermediate

Education & Relevant Experience

University College London, UK

MSci Physics

2019 - Present

Suzhou Singapore International School, China

IB Diploma: 43 points out of 45
Higher Level Subjects: Maths (7), Physics (7), German A (6)


Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium Pfullingen, Germany

2010 - 2013

Teaching Experience

For six months in 2020, I taught small classes of three to six students. My students were between year 8 and year 13 and had 90-minute long classes. I gained over 100 hours of classroom experience during this time. I taught my first student in 2016, who was a family friend. I helped her with mathematics and improved her grades significantly. I began to take on more students at the end of 2019, teaching an A-level student in London in statistics for his A-levels. During the summer, I acquired two German clients who I am still teaching online.

About Simeon H

I was born and raised in a small town in the south of Germany. My family then decided to move to Suzhou in China when I was 13, and I was sent to an international school where I completed the IB diploma programme. In this school, I became fascinated with different countries and cultures, which has driven me to take a gap year to travel around Europe, Southeast Asia, and North Africa.

It was also at my school in China where I noticed how important a good education is and that teachers can have a strong impact on a student's life. My mathematics teacher in year 11 sparked my interest in the subject even though I did not enjoy it before. With the help of my teacher and some interesting documentaries, I developed a strong fascination for science, and my marks improved drastically. I now study physics at UCL, which would most certainly not be the case if I had a different teacher. My fascination with the natural sciences arose in year 11. It was during the IB programme when my motivation to study science started. I realised that many schools discourage students from developing an interest in a certain subject (like my school in Germany). Therefore, as an Educator, I aim to improve exam marks and try to spark an interest in the subject for the student.