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I work closely with entrepreneurs and macro/micro-influencers to start, grow, and develop their businesses. I've also worked with top-level executives within large billion-dollar organisations.

I'm also a highly committed Educator with over 8 years of experience and a proven track record of helping children achieve their ideal primary schools/secondary schools. I've helped students of all ages with English (including IELTS Prep), maths, and German. I also specialise in 11+ exam preparation for leading independent schools such as St Paul's, NLCS, and HABS. In addition, I have worked with getting young students into the top independent schools in the UK and supporting young students whilst they are at school to excel with their studies.

About Jessica R

I have worked within a wide range of industries from a young age, including film, media, fashion, and luxury goods. After working at some of the UK's most renowned companies, I then worked for HNWIs and UHNWIs in helping them identify, develop, and secure new business opportunities, partnerships, and implement strategies.

Alongside privately teaching clients, I work as a freelance business development consultant, working with clients in branding and marketing to develop their strategies and grow their businesses. Meanwhile, I have also previously launched two magazines, run a successful blog space attracting 80,000+ hits per month and launched literacy campaigns.

Languages have always been a passion of mine, having gone to UCL to study German and having studied Latin, Ancient Greek, French and Russian whilst at school.